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Shop All Laundry Bags at Cleaner’s Supply: Mesh Bags, Laundry Bags, Wash And Fold Bags And More.

At Cleaner’s Supply, we’ve got all of the laundry bags you need to keep your laundromat running. Whether you’re looking for bags to move laundry loads, return customers' orders, or protect garments during the wash cycle, our heavy-duty Laundromat Bags are up to the task. Choose from a variety of bag styles, including Counter Bags, Laundry Bags, Wash and Fold Bags, Mesh Bags, and more. Use a durable Laundry Bag or Counter Bag to hold and move laundry, or try a Wash and Fold Bag to return cleaned garments to customers. Or, keep orders separated in the washing machine using our extra-strong Mesh Bags, specially designed to withstand washing and drying cycles. Browse all of our Laundromat Bags here to find all bags you need for your laundry service.